Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Immaculate Conception

Inmaculada Concepcion (La Colosal)The day of Mary's conception —conceived without the stain of original sin— was probably a day like any other. Nothing extraordinary to  announce the fact that the long-awaited plan of salvation had begun, that God's greatest masterpiece of creation was being formed cell by cell in the womb of her mother.  No flashes of lightning, no brilliant stars or angel chorus announcing the arrival of this immaculate temple of the Trinity. The dawn of our salvation was here, and it was just a business-as-usual day. Yet in spite of what might have seemed ordinary, ho-hum, not worth noticing, God was at work. God is always at work. O pure Virgin, conceived without original sin, Mother of God, pray for us in our need.

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ann said...

we love you our dear mary immaculate!