Saturday, July 28, 2012

More Than You Can Handle?

Never be hurried by anything whatever.  Nothing can be more pressing  the the necessity for you: peace before God.
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
I've often heard it said that God never gives us more than we can handle.  It's meant to be a comfort; even under a crushing burden, we need to remember that it isn't going to last forever and God provides the grace we need.  Katie Davis, a 23-year-old from Tennessee who is a missionary in Uganda and mother to 13 girls,  has a different take on this old adage.  She says that God regularly gives her way more than she can handle.  Her confidence in God is undimmed, however.  She has an unshakable faith that the place where she reaches her limit of endurance is precisely the place where God takes over.  She doesn't need to be strong, she just needs to let God's power shine through her.  Katie's story and her blog is a reminder of how God's power is made perfect through weakness.
We don't need to be strong and powerful to accomplish great things or survive the great trials of life.  We just need to be small and docile in our Father's hands.  Now that takes real strength!