Saturday, April 14, 2012

Divine Mercy

Imagine Peter after the Resurrection. I imagine—knowing myself—that although he knew he was forgiven by Jesus for his denial, he was still unable to forgive himself. He did not trust himself and did not feel able to carry out the role Jesus gave him as a “rock” of faith and leader of the Church.

In the Gospel of John Peter decides to go fishing—his “normal” life before Jesus. But when Jesus appears, his love is stirred and he impetuously swims to shore to be with him.  After eating Jesus pulls Peter aside: “Peter, do you love me?” Jesus tells Peter, “Feed my lambs.” “Tend my flock.” “Feed my sheep.”

What is Jesus saying? Yes, you failed, but I still choose you; I still want you to carry out the role I have appointed for you. I believe in you.

May this story lead us to a renewed trust and love for God, even we we fail him and fail ourselves. O Jesus, I will trust in you!