Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent Waiting

I wait for the Lord, my souls waits,
in his word I hope;
my souls waits for the Lord...(Psalm 130: 5-6)
In our culture of instant gratification, waiting is hard to do.  We're so used to instant results that we become impatient when the web site takes a few extra seconds to load or there is a line at the drive-thru.  Our society is constantly shouting, "Do! Do! Do! Produce! Produce! Produce! Results! Results! Results!" Waiting becomes a waste of time, a dry desert between where we are and where we want to be.
During these four weeks before Christmas, the Church invites us to take a different approach to waiting.  Waiting also crystallizes desire.  Is what I want worth waiting for?  How much does it mean to me?  Am I willing to put off superficial gratification, to take the time necessary to get to the real heart of things?
As we wait for Christmas, we join Mary as she waits for the Desire of the Nations, taking flesh in her womb, to make his longed-for appearance.  Only the coming of God can quench our deepest desires.  What are you waiting for?  Can your longings stand the test of time?

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HopefulBride said...

This is a wonderful post. A reminder for all things in life.