Saturday, April 17, 2010

His Gaze

I once heard the Holy Spirit described as "His Gaze." I think this fits well for when I am in adoration gazing on the Lord. Sometimes I feel as though he is giving me his life by gazing back at me.


Anonymous said...

When I am in Adoration I feel something being poured into me. It sometimes reminds me of water and sometimes blood. Whatever it is that flows in makes me feel so happy and I seem to be more enlighted throughout the day.
When things go wrong as they sometimes will...the situation seems more like a dream that a problem. What experiences do you have with the Lord?

Miss Hiracheta said...

Hi, Sisters! Still think and pray for all of you often : ) Greetings to all of you!
Observer June 2009

Miss Hiracheta said...

PS the internet access available for the "Pink" sisters is so awesome!