Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Thoughts

Have you ever considered looking at Holy Week through the eyes of St. Peter? At the Easter Vigil this year I was struck by the Gospel reading from St. Luke: Peter was the only Apostle to run to the tomb after the women said that Jesus had risen. St. Luke says he left "amazed" and that he went home. Then after the two disciples return from Emmaus they are informed that Peter had seen the Lord. I pondered what that encounter must have been like for Peter. His repentant tears, his joy at seeing Jesus, his questioning amazement. And Jesus? His gift of peace and forgiveness. He had a reason for appearing to Peter alone—the Rock upon whom the Church is built. Now he in turn must strengthen the faith of the disciples.
Such is our Holy Father in this time of persecution. What some may say doesn't matter, his job is to strengthen our faith and he is doing so by his example.

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