Monday, November 11, 2013


Well, 2013 kinda got away from us... just yesterday the trees were budding with fresh green leaves.  Today those leaves are golden and red, a crunchy coating on the ground.  As far as I know, each day still contains 24 hours, and each year 365 days; how is it that they speed by at such lighting pace?  We live in the past: such marvelous memories.  Or, we live in the future: such glorious hopes.  Meanwhile, the present slips past, quiet and unnoticed.
Or maybe the present is noticed, soaked in, enjoyed to the fullest.  Time isn't flowing any faster or slower than usual but each moment overflows with blessings to the one who is alert to them.  Sometimes blessings come wrapped in thorns, sometimes they're pillowy-soft.  Always a gift from God, a chance to grow and expand our hearts.
One day, we'll be in heaven where there is no more time, only an eternal NOW.  Embrace it, live it while it is here.


Unknown said...

Gosh! No posts since November 2013. I came to this site looking for some beautiful reflection for this Holy Thursday and I was disappointed. I am sure that you prefer to spend your time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament which is your vocation, but sending spiritual thoughts via the internet is so helpful for us layfolk who are closet monastics. I crave glimpses into the contemplative life. Have a truly blessed and holy Triduum and a glorious celebration of the Lord's Resurrection!

Anonymous said...

I too miss this site and wish you would post again.

Anonymous said...

Sisters, It is now the middle of the summer and no posts! It is definitely time for some new spiritual food for the people who look to your blog for something with which to pray.

Abba John said, Watching means to sit in the cell and always be mindful of God. This is what is meant by "I was on watch and God came to me" Matt. 25,36