Saturday, August 7, 2010


More wisdom from our retreat with Br. Joel Giallanza, CSC:
 Closely related to the verb "adore" is the verb "revere."  The root of the verb revere, as a type of adoration, means "to perceive" and "to watch out for."

1. Adoration does have a dimension of awareness, of perceiving. For this type of prayer, we must be conscious of what we are doing, who God is, and who we are. Without that level of awareness, of perception, adoration becomes an empty exercise focused on something other than God.

2. Adoration also has a dimension of vigilance, of watching out for. This is a particularly rich meaning because it communicated a sense of anticipation and expectation. We adore God with a hope, trust, and confidence in God's word and promises to us. There is a limitlessness about this dimension of adoration. We anticipate and expect that God hears our prayer and will respond, but we do not know the precise timing of that response. So we watch with patience.


Donna said...

So beautiful! Thank you for the reminder of watchful anticipation. Peace and joy to your hearts, sisters!

Patricia Ann said...

God Bless you and Thank you. I live in Michigan, whenever I come home, I always visit Mount Grace. I will be there next week.