Friday, June 11, 2010

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Thus the entire Holy Trinity lives in the Heart of Jesus, the power of the everlasting Father, the beauty and wisdom of the Eternal Word, and the self-giving love and riches of the Holy Spirit. They live there in a human heart. (St. Arnold Janssen)

Our Founder had a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He knew that the Divine Heart was the most worthy dwelling and most noble throne of the three divine persons. It is only when our hearts are like this Heart that they are capable of becoming a dwelling and throne of God. His prayer, "May the Heart of Jesus live in us," expresses one of St. Arnold's most precious thoughts for the practice of the spiritual life. The Heart of Jesus burns with glowing zeal for the honor of the Father and also for the salvation and sanctification of souls. We should allow the heart of Jesus to live in us: we should become more and more agile members of the Mystical Body of Christ so that Christ will live in us, direct us, and use us according to the wishes and intentions of his Heart. May we devote ourselves to the service of the holy triune God and burn wih zeal for God and souls!

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