Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trinity Sunday

All three Persons have manifested their love for men in a completely unheard-of manner: the Eternal Son by becoming man himself, the Holy Spirit by coming down to dwell in the hearts of men, the heavenly Father by sending those Two so dear to his heart in order to reveal his love." (St. Arnold Janssen, SVD)
The spiritual heritage we received from our Founder, St. Arnold Janssen, is firmly anchored in the mystery of the Trinity. He saw the Word as coming from the Father, coming in the power of the Holy Spirit, to share the human condition. The Trinitarian starting point of his theology developed into the devotion to the triune God living in us through grace. Through sanctifying grace, the Blessed Trinity lives in us: the Lord God pitches his tent in the human soul.
The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is not only a mystery of immensity which transcends the grasp of the human mind. It is also a mystery of the highest love worthy of adoration. The members of the Trinity are not, so to speak, three kings on three thrones or a static unity, but a mutually related dynamic of love. It is the vocation of every Christian to enter into this dynamic of love. Divine Love must vibrate with every beat of our heart, and accompany all our desires and passions. May the Holy Triune God live inhearts of all and may he lead you more and more into the mystery of his divine love!

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